Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Patch

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Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Patch
Closed for the 2020 season! we have sold out of pumpkins!

Pre-Picked and Pick your own


We are located in Mansfield, Ohio.
5 miles from the Haunted Reformatory!

We operate a small pumpkin farm and the only activity that is available is the opprotunity to pick your own pumpkin from the vine. 
Hours: 9 - 7 Monday - Saturday
11- 7 - Sunday
Open seasonally until we run out of pumpkins.

Our patch is a self-serve, pick-your-own-pumpkin-patch. The patch is located Northeast of the house.

Due to the self-serve nature of the patch we are CASH only.

All items can be picked from the field by the customer or they can choose from the assortment of pre-picked pumpkins located in the white bank barn or the gazebo  

 This year we have available for purchase: 

  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Jack-be-littles and Gourds
  • Decorative Pumpkins (white, cream, pink, green)
  • We can also supply you with corn for corn- shocks and straw-bales upon request.

If we are home we will be happy to help you select your pumpkins, answer questions and teach you how we grow our pumpkins. Just Ask !

If we are not around the stand is self-serve, Please use the Honor System, and put your money in the "old fashion mail box" on the inside post of the gazebo or the mailbox on the outside of the White Bank Barn.
Prices for the 2019 season are based on the size of the pumpkin. The average price will be $5.00

Address: 2056 Beal Rd. Mansfield, Ohio 44903
                 (Corner of Beal and Osbun Rd.)

Contact Number: Danielle & Derrick Haydocy